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New Era for Lexus: Debut Feb 22nd 11am ET

Lexus is launching a new model tomorrow at precisely 11am Eastern Time (8am Pacific Time), February 22nd on YouTube. There is a lot of speculation in regard to what this "new ear of F-sport performance vehicle" is, but we have some ideas.

The most likely scenario is that this is the high performance, V-8 powered Lexus IS 500, designed to compete with the upcoming Acura TLX Type-S. The sneak peak of the c-pillar posted by Lexus appears to be pretty close to the current Lexus IS c-pillar. But it's also possible that it's a IS model powered by something else, like a twin turbo V-6 engine or twin turbo hybrid. It could even be an all-electric EV model - it's anybody's guess right now. We will soon find out. Please book mark the video below and you will be able to watch it live directly through this page via Lexus. We can't wait!


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