Automotive Press is a unique organization created to meet the specific automotive needs of newspapers, magazines, and internet-based publications. Automotive Press focuses on providing automotive-related syndication articles only, supported by people who understand the automotive business and the industry. If your publication is looking for first class automotive editorial materials, this is the right place.

At Automotive Press, your publication will be able to "pick and choose" relevant auto articles on demand from a wide range of automotive topics. Select the articles of your choice, pick some photos, then download and publish - it's that simple. We also offer email service where select articles can be sent to your publication automatically every week. Automotive Press is a premier automotive-only syndication service unlike any other services found today.

We differ from other syndicated news groups by specializing in unique articles and products that generate revenues for your publication. Our reviews are unbiased, to-the-point, and provides insights not obvious to average readers. Furthermore, our products are designed to appeal directly to the advertisers and readers alike, and are packaged to make your 'selling' job easier and more effective.

A list of our current and past customers can be viewed here.

Our Publisher and Managing Editor, David Chao, is a highly respected automotive journalist and columnist. Unlike many auto writers who have never worked in the auto industry, David is unique in that he has extensive automotive industry experience. Prior to becoming a writer, David worked as an automotive engineer for General Motors and Suzuki. Over the years he worked in the industry, David provided advisory service for GM, Suzuki, Toyota, Opel, and others in manufacturing, engineering, strategic planning, and management. David's experience as a vehicle evaluation engineer and technology strategist allows him to bring fresh, interesting perspectives of the cars, the people behind them, and the technology that binds them together.
Considered by many as one of the most knowledgeable automotive journalists, David is a member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada, the Association of Professional Engineers, and the Society of Automotive Engineers. Because of his extensive network of automotive contacts, David is able to bring the latest, most up-to-date information on cars, trucks, and the automotive industry itself.

He travels on a regular basis internationally, visiting significant auto shows and development centers all across the world.

Our Sales Director, Bruce Whitaker, has an extensive senior management experience in the banking and management consulting sectors. He is committed to provide the best customer service.

Don Peters, our Project Manager, coordinates variety of projects and initiatives at Automotive Press. He also performs analysis and data collection work.

Our growing list of contributors include some of the best automotive journalists. We currently have several contributors providing articles and columns for Automotive Press.

Together, the Automotive Press Team brings decades of business and automotive experience unmatched by any other group or organization.

Our head office is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and we have satellite locations in Seattle, Washington, and Tokyo, Japan. Our European office will become active sometime in 2003.

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